How do I get my order approved?

Promotional product orders invoicing a cost center will require prior approval from the following contacts before your order can be processed.

Hospitals           Hospital CEO or CEO Executive Assistant

Enterprise         Ethan Shumway EthanShumway@Centura.Org or Rosa Mayberry RosaMayberry@centura.org

Ambulatory      Deb Carpenter

CHPG                   Jason Tacha


Orders placed using a personal credit card with the intention of seeking reimbursement are subject to the same approvals. Apparel order quantities over 51 need to be placed directly with an eLead account manager via email or phone. Orders less than 51 can be processed online. Approval delays may impact in-hand dates and final shipping costs. 


What if the item I purchased is out of stock?

If your selection is out of stock or discontinued, we will cancel the order and will refund you. We will reach out via email to alert you of which item(s) are not available. We will also refund any related tax and shipping.


I don’t see the logo I would like to use for my products. 

The only logos offered on the site at this time are master brand and hospital logos. Other logos will be added to the site when the new brand architecture is finalized. Please reach out to your marketing contact for additional questions.


What do the Centura Health colors and logo represent?

The colors are inspired by the local landscape of the vibrant communities that Centura Health serves. The deep blue of midnight skies, green of spruce forests, and yellow of great plains all work together to represent joy, harmony, and hope. Within the symbol, you’ll notice a soaring dove, which represents the grace, dignity, confidence, and determination of Centura Health’s incredible people.


Will I receive a virtual proof?

Pre-paid orders made via a p-card or personal credit card will not receive a virtual proof. The image on the site represents the accuracy of the product. Items placed outside the online store will follow the standard proofing process.


How long will my order take? 

Typically, orders take 2-3 weeks to be produced and delivered. Rush options are available. We advise that you contact us to confirm any additional costs and timelines.


Is payroll deduction available?

Payroll deduction is not currently available. Orders must be pre-paid with a credit card or with a cost center.


Do employees get an additional discount?

Your company store is priced for employee use, there are no additional discounts. However, you can apply gift cards or AppreciteU codes when applicable. 


How many pieces of apparel do I need to order to get lower pricing?

Generally, a minimum order of 51 pieces will have a lower price. The pieces can vary in size and style, but the logo must remain the same. If you are interested in purchasing 51 pieces or more of apparel, please contact us for a quote.


Can I purchase single quantities of items like bottles and journals?

Single pieces are limited to apparel and select hats and bags. We are able to embroider per order, however hard goods like bottles and journals have higher minimums. We are happy to assist with bulk orders of hard goods.


How do I use my gift code?

Gift codes are typically used to purchase items with no minimums including apparel, select hats and bags. Gift codes can be applied at the final payment page of an order, by entering the code and clicking “apply”. The gift code amount can cover product, shipping or tax. Your code will not expire, and any remaining balance can be used for a future purchase. If your code does not cover the full cost of your order, you will need to enter credit card information to pay for the remaining amount due. You can apply multiple codes to an order.